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This will be the beginning  of a lot more to come. This site will be of interest to you if you appreciate the more conservative perspective with your health care. 


Who is this seven foot gentleman with me?

JonBen and me

 This is none other than the former NBA Indiana PacerJonathan Bender! He and I are at the very first Pain Free Clinic in Pensacola earlier this year. I was able to meet him in meetings on several occasions in Houston in the beginning of this year as well as in New Orleans while JB3 Innovations was in its early stages of development. Mr. Bender is a very humble man. He was medically retired from NBA Pacers do to his knees. After this he sought out his own way of recovery. He bought everyday items from a local drug store to create a device that would do for him what the medical profession was unable to do which was to get him back on the court. Through the use of this innovative  device, that he put together, Jonathan Bender was able to get back on the court and retired himself from the NY Knicks.

Just a note on the side — If you watch the Bloomberg interview above you will hear Jonathan Bender give his brief story and all the credit to the God above for the gift of his creating this device 

Mr. Bender is now an entrepreneur with the fast growing company of the device that came into existence at the onset of this year. He has created a revolutionary rehab device called the JBIT Medpro device. This device is aimed at relieving joint pressure, engaging the core and strengthening muscles. I am so proud to be working alongside of him on his team!! There is still room for a few more “great players.”

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